Where are you headed?

Why did you begin working out? Was it for yourself, or because of others around you? What’s your end goal?

There are so many questions that can be asked when someone begins a journey towards getting fit. It could be a number of reasons. Health, self-esteem, career, etc.

My main reason for wanting to get fit is, is because I’m getting older and was letting my body slip into a physique that had no edges, almost like runny cheese. I didn’t want that and it wasn’t where I was expecting my body to be until I looked in the mirror properly one day and realised I was heading there pretty fast.

Here I am 11 months later and still looking slightly runny, but some of the edges are beginning to get some definition, which is fantastic, but I’m still a long way from my final goal. My end goal physique is somewhere between underwear model and fitness model. Not too  big and not too small, with plenty of definition. I’m currently in the middle of a bulk, although I may have to cut it short as my BF% is beginning to get a bit too high.

I did recently take another update photo, I say update photo, but I really just use it as an excuse to have a good pose in front of the camera. I still feel somewhat small, but others say that I’m not. It most probably is all psychological as I know I’ve come a long way from where I was before I started. It’s just a long road and I can’t really see the end of it yet. Although in saying that who knows if I ever will see the end, as this is now a journey that I’ve started and probably will continue for the rest of my life.

Here is said posing photo for those who are interested in my current progress.


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